Who are Circle Smart Homes?


Circle Smart Homes Director Arron Gilder has been working in the Smart Home industry for the last 8 years. Working a number of years at both Fibaro and Loxone, Arron gained a vast technical knowledge of these, and other Smart Home systems. This first hand experience with a number of manufacturers as well as his strong technical grounding in networking and electronics puts Arron and Circle Smart Homes in the perfect position to deliver your dream Smart Home. 

Circle Smart Homes pride themselves on delivering technically solid, intuitive and reliable home technology solutions. Contact us today to see how affordable your new Smart Home could be.



More than just a home control...


Circle Smart Homes offers more than just simple home control, we provide truly intelligent systems that look after your entire home.




We all want to be comfortable in our homes, the right temperatures for the right times. Multi-zoned heating can save up to 40% a year on heating bills. 


Peace of mind is all most of us want to trust that our homes, offices, cars and everything else is safe and secure. Being able to actively monitor what's important to you is key nowadays.


Audio Visual

Everyone is different when it comes to listening to music or watching films and TV, that's why we can create bespoke packages that suit every need.