IFTTT Tutorial - "Alexa Trigger House Off "

It's all good and well having 'Alexa' turn off your Philips Hue lights in the kitchen but what if you wanted something more? "Trigger Movie Mode", "Trigger House Off" or even "Trigger Party Mode". 

In this tutorial we will be guiding you though the most basic form of Amazon Echo integration with any 3rd party system that accepts HTTP commands.

Few (of many more) systems this will work with:

  • Lutron
  • Crestron
  • Loxone
  • Savant
  • Fibaro
  • Control4 (C4)
  • Rako

This simple integration uses the App called 'IFTTT'. To use this, you will need to create an account but if you have a Gmail account; this is only one click. 

iOS Download

Android Download

Once you have an account and are in the IFTTT App, you need to search and connect to two connectors. First one is 'Amazon Echo' and the other is 'Maker Webhoots'. 

Amazon Echo Connect Screenshot


Once these are both connected you can start building your 'Applet. 

1. Tap the button '+this'
2. Select your trigger, which will be 'Amazon Echo'
3. Select 'Say a specific phrase' 

Say Specific Phrase

4. Create your trigger phrase. I.e "Lights off", "House off", "Night mode"
5. Tap the button '+that'
6. Select the service Maker (you may need to use the search bar)
7. Select 'Make a web request'
8. Create your web command.

Web command

9. Tap 'Finish'


Congratulations! You have created your first custom Alexa command. With this command going into any system, you can create some really powerful functionality. 

It is important to remember that the commands are very sensitive and each character will have to be spot on with capitals and punctuation in the right places. Each system will have a documentation page to their API documentation.  

How this works. 

Command ("Alexa Trigger Night Time") - Connects to IFTTT+Maker in the Cloud - Command Comes Back Down & Executes

Note: You may need a dynamic DNS service as your external IP address is required. The App and phone do not need to be on after this service is setup.