Motion sensors - Moving stuff.

Whenever I walk through my front door a little device on my ceiling detects the motion. What happens next depends on a number of criteria but the vital part of this process is detecting the fact that someone has entered.


Now your smart home knows that there is someone there, what happens next? Firstly, your Smart Home should decide wether to turn the lights on. So, lets add a brightness sensor to this functionality - If the room is bright enough already, then there is no need to bring the lights on automatically. If the Lux level is below the set threshold and someone enters the room then lets make sure the lights come on to the time specific scene that is set. In certain rooms it may be best that the lights are turned on whenever there is motion sensed such as basements, storage rooms etc.

It's not just lighting that can benefit from a motion sensor. If you wanted your favourite radio station to come on when you enter the kitchen to make dinner, why not link motion to audio services. Of course this might be annoying if it happened all the time so adding a time window for this automation would probably be a good idea. Enter kitchen between 5 - 7 pm - and your favourite station starts automatically, outside of those hours - silence. 

There are many more functions in a smart home that can benefit from sensing motion such as security alarms, heating and more. 

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