Automation In Films Against Real-Life Automation

Most of us by now have seen some sort of film where either the house portrayed is looking after itself or there is some sort of artificial intelligence providing all the services for the occupant. Few examples of this would be be iRobot (2004), 2001 Space Odyssey (1968) and Back To The Future 1985).

Each of these films have some sort of technology that makes life and living more convenient as all the everyday tasks are carried out by the home or the robot (AI) itself. 

When Jennifer comes home to her future house in Back to the Future 2, she uses her finger print to enter the front door, the police then tell her "Ma'am you should re-program, it's dangerous to enter without lights on". Jennifer then follows the comment "Lights on" and her voice enabled the downstairs lights to come on, eluding to the fact that the automation of walking in and it already been done for you would have been better and far safer. 

Back to the future finger print scanner

Both iRobot and 2001 Space Odyssey are more AI driven but the automation is still here with automatic lights, locks, programs, cars and so much more. These films do show what happened when it all went wrong but that doesn't mean we have to think of todays tech in that light. 

What we are taking from this is that these 'futuristic' films are actually not far from what we have now. 
For a reasonable price most everyone could have true automatic lights, heating, security and even now add in voice control thanks to the Amazon Echo Alexa and Google Home / Google Assistant. Self driving cars are on their way with Tesla cars making ground breaking progress with autopilot driving.

20-30 years ago this type of technology was a dream and only massively rich and famous could have a fraction of this dream. Now we can embrace this smart home and have in our homes what was shown as science fiction , 30 year ago.

I wonder what could be next?