NFC - What Are The Benefits?

NFC or the full title - 'near field communication'. More commonly used and known for contactless card payments. 

You know when you pop to the shops and the young assistant asks 'Contactless?' and your bank or credit card has a little wireless symbol on it, then the likelihood is that your payment card can allow payments to be made without the need for typing a PIN. Most of the time the shops limit this to under £30, but the connivence and time saving of this is fantastic!

This is fairly new to most of us but NFC has been around for quite some time, early 80's in fact. Perviously referred to RFID (radio frequency ID), both NFC and RFID are very similar in in the way they work.

NFC Payment

Normally there is a card or device with a very small flat chip inside which stores information, then a reader of some kind (door lock, contactless payments, other phones) read and interpret the encrypted information. This is done wirelessly over a few center meters at most.


So what does mean for Smart Homes?

NFC as we know has been around for a while, commercial building entry, Oyster cards for underground tube systems, other payment and even on phones to trigger events (i.e bluetooth off, WiFi on). 

If we take all this readily available technology and information and apply it in our homes, what's to say in the next year we won't have our phone taping on the side of the door as we come home to disable the alarm and open the door. 

Each user could have a pre-set music playlist or radio station when they come home.

How about even taping your payment card on your fridge to pay for the weekly shop? May seem a bit unlikely but in fact most of this is possible now!

Contact us to see what benefits you could gain from NFC that you already have without knowing it!