Flood Protection

£2.5m a day is paid out, dealing with water damage in people's homes. This payout ranges from fixing flooring, pipework, furniture, wallpaper, electrical equipment and so much more.

A truly Smart Home can protect against mass damage, should there be any water trouble in your home.
If there are any leaks in your home, you want to know about it and if you are in the house, you would turn off the water supply to minimise the damage created right?

Smart Homes water protection will allow your home to automatically shut off of the incoming water supply should the system detect any leaks. Not only this but notify you straight away as to what happened. This way you can call in on friend or family member or even plumber to check in on the house if you are away. 

Fire and Water Alarm.png

From frozen pipes to a boiler burst; you need to know about it whether you are in or not,  let the system protect your home. It’s all good and well-having insurance but the time and cost of putting everything right after the damage is done, is always greater than everyone expects.

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