Features Overview

Lighting is a very important part of our homes as it provides a very practical function and much needed requirement for everyday life.
With that in mind, lighting also provides a great deal of atmosphere and can change the way an entire room feels by simply dimming or turning on/off different lights. Take the main function of lighting then add some of the below features and a really powerful lighting system is created.

  • Switched, dimmed and colour changing lights control
  • Automatic time dependent scenes
  • Adjust and create scenes through app
  • Easy scene scrolling from switch
  • 'All off' Switch by front door & bedside


Walk into the kitchen first thing in the morning and the lights will automatically come on to your morning scene.

So you can get on with the vital task of making coffee. 


As you interact with your home throughout the day, the lighting is brought on to the right scenes at the right times.

Making sure that popping to the fridge in the middle of the night won't dazzle you but will give you enough light to find the midnight snack. 



If you decide the lighting scenes need a little tweak, grab your phone or tablet and make changes instantly.

This is your house, these are your lights and you are in complete control.

Now that is a bright idea. 


Features Overview

  •  Zoned control of heating
  • Adjust schedules and set points from anywhere
  • Intelligent heating curve learning
  • Easy 'Holiday mode' whole house overides
  • Automatic set back if window is open

Nice and toasty.

Like a warm kitchen and a cool bedroom? No problem. 

Complete control of the temperature in each room. 


More comfort for less cost

No need to waste energy heating the living room if it is not used until 6pm. Zoned heating means you can make sure you are not paying to heat rooms that are not being used. Saving you £££



Adjust each rooms schedules and set points from your phone or tablet from anywhere. Off on holiday? Just pop the entire house into frost protection mode and hit the road.

Features Overview

  • Complete motion detector coverage
  • Delayed arming from light switch as you leave home
  • Key fob disarming
  • App alerts for alarm
  • Triggered alarm can send alerts to all users, flash lights in house, play alarm sounder, raise all blinds and more.

Arming the alarm is as easy as taping a switch on the way out the door. 


Zonal alarms intelligently monitor your home. If you're the other side of the world, or just in for a cosy film night, you'll have absolute peace of mind knowing that your home is safe. 


Features Overview

  • Open and Close blinds/curtains from your Smart Home app. 
  • Create open/close automation criteria such as open at sunrise.
  • All blinds close as part of 'central house off' for added security. 
  • Automated shading if room reaches high temperature.



Your blinds will automatically open at sunrise. Let all the lovely sunshine fill your room. 

TV time

Want to watch the big game? A single press of a button will bring on TV, set the lights and also set the blinds to the perfect level. 


As the day ends, your blinds can automatically close. Don't worry if you leave the door open, the blinds will be in safety shutdown mode to protect them.